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Remote and off-site is charged at £50 per hour and on-site visits are charged at £60 per hour.

Websites cost anything from £500 upwards depending on the number of pages and complexity of design.

Initially the computer can be checked over to determine whether it simply needs a clean or anything more serious. Almost any computer can be upgraded to some degree, sometimes this is required when either a laptop or desktop becomes several years old.

Primarily we support business customers but also have a large number of home users who we are very happy to look after, many have been with us for more than 10 years.

Most connections are more than fast enough now but as a general rule anything above 5Mbps (megabytes per second) is adequate for general use, for catchup TV and similar slightly more may be required.

We offer general computer/technology support for both business and home users, website design services, CCTV supply and setup. Anything with a plug that doesn’t belong in a kitchen is normally a possibility!

This is quite a common question and is not easy to answer without knowing a bit more background information so please drop email or call and we can recommend the best solution.

We are happy to provide training for computers, phones, tablets and most other technology devices, it comes with the territory! Group training or one to one can be provided, professional and adaptive service depending on skill level.

Computer Support Essex

Any Windows computer should have some kind of virus protection installed, more modern Windows 10 computers will have basic protection built in, older computers will not. It is less critical for Apple computers to have virus protection but as they become more popular it is something that should be considered.

The simple answer to this question is if you don’t need to move the computer around then a desktop is almost always a better choice, more powerful, easier to upgrade and repair and more convenient with larger keyboard and screen.

Laptops are great if you want to move around the office or house and maybe travel frequently, they are always a comprise on performance compared to a desktop though.

If in doubt it is safe to simply use a soft damp cloth and gently wipe the screen, then dry afterwards. If you have some rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes these also work very well.

For the most part you will also be fine to use normal window cleaning products but we advise caution. Some screens have anti-reflective coatings which can be degraded, if in doubt ask us before cleaning.

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