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Remote Support has quite simply transformed the way we work. The benefit to customers is huge, most significantly cost saving but also incredible flexibility. We can use remote support to connect and resolve a problem within minutes.

Due to the advantages of this technology we estimate that remote support now accounts for 80% of our total workload.

Work completed using Remote Support80%
Work completed using Site Visits20%

Remote Support and what it means for you

Cost saving and flexibility. On average remote support saves the customer around 40% on each job. This is mainly due to the reduction in travel and associated costs.

Flexibility arises from the ability to resolve problems quickly and at anytime of the day or night. If an emergency job crops up it can be executed almost immediately and sometimes resolved within minutes. Routine maintenance can be carried out remotely outside of normal working hours, this results in minimal disruption for business clients. Please see the frequently asked questions section below for more information.

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Substantial Cost Savings

Remote Support reduces job costing as a result of greater time efficiency. Compared to onsite visits prices can be reduced by an average of 40%

Flexible and Convenient

Incredible flexibility, problems can be resolved in minutes without the need to visit your workplace or home. Remote connections can be scheduled to fit in with your timetable.

Problems Resolved Quickly

Within minutes of receiving a call we can connect remotely and have you back running smoothly again. No need to book a site visit, no travelling, just efficient solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions about remote computer support

Remote Support uses secure software, connecting to your computer at work or home to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

We use class leading remote software which is encrypted and secure.

Computer Keyboard Mouse Control

You still have 100% control of your computer and disconnect the remote session at any time if required.

You will see everything that is happening on your computer screen, nothing is hidden from the customer.

Calculate Website Costs

We charge a fixed rate of £50 per hour for remote support, this is divided into 15 minute segments. In other words 1.5 hours would cost £75, 2 hours £100 and so on.

We certainly can, remote support is available for both Windows and Apple Computer systems.

There is no problem for us to connect to either a laptop or desktop computer.

Once we have finished the remote job the session is disconnected and you will be notified of this. After this time we can only connect again with your knowledge and permission.

Not at all, once we are connected you can do other things and leave us to it. When the work is complete will will call to let you know.

The vast majority of problems can be resolved remotely. If something is discovered remotely which requires a site visit we will let you know and this can be arranged.

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