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We offer domain hosting services for both website and email using market leading servers. This means you receive the very best quality product, service and support for your business or home. Please see the frequently asked questions section below for more information.

Hosting a new website

If you are looking to setup a new website that will require hosting then we can help. All websites have to be hosted, this is like renting space for your site on the internet. We can arrange hosting space for you so that your new website can be setup and designed.

We use a state of the art data centre based in the UK. It provides robust reliability and has multiple backup power systems. The data centre is even powered by renewable energy.

Any questions you might have we will be happy to assist and are always available to provide support for you and your website. In simple terms this means websites we host will be fast and reliable.

Server for Website Hosting

Wordpress Hosting

We can host your existing WordPress website or assist setting up a new one. WordPress is an excellent platform to start a new website, flexible and easy to manage.

Domain Hosting

We provide domain hosting on market leading servers with cPanel control options. Very fast servers with exceptional reliability for business and home use.

Website Transfers

If you are looking to move your hosting and website then we can help. We have many years experience with domain transfers resulting in minimal disruption for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions about website hosting

Domain or domain name is essentially another meaning for website address. In other words our domain name is which is simply our website address.

When we register a domain for a company or individual it will always be registered in their name. This means they are the legal owner of that domain name.

Server for Website Hosting

Put simply, hosting is space on the internet for your website. This space is provided by hosting companies like ourselves and is normally offered on an annual basis. You pay a set amount each year which reserves space for your website amongst all the others on the world wide web.

Our website hosting prices start from £60 per year. They can be more for extremely large websites or those that have very large numbers of visitors, this is quite unusual though.

Calculate Website Costs

There can be variations in costs for website hosting. For the most part you should expect to pay between £40-60 per year. The quality of hosting varies quite a lot. Some very cheap hosting companies will cause your website to be slow, in some cases very slow. We only use the very best servers and hardware for hosting which means fast websites!

Any hosting package we provide comes with email addresses included. You can decide what you would like in front of the @ symbol and we will do the rest.

There are several popular website builder companies like 1&1 and Wix who advertise on TV. They provide a relatively simple solution but there are restrictions when using them. Normally we recommend against using this kind of website builder and prefer to use WordPress which is very flexible and future proof.

Websites cost anything from £300 upwards depending on the number of pages and complexity of design.

This is quite a common request. Normally someone started out with a website builder company and has outgrown them. Often the existing hosting company is causing the website pages to load slowly. There can be limitations with some hosting companies and a lack of flexibility regarding features. We are happy to assist with transferring your website and have plenty of experience.

Computer Support Essex

Once you have registered the domain name and arranged hosting you can certainly have a go at building your own website. Normally we would recommend using WordPress as a base for this. If you do try to design your own site and need any assistance then please get in touch, we are happy to help.

We advise caution when someone you know suggests they can design your website! Unless it is something they have done before or they are using a well regarded platform the best advice is to be careful. If you would like some advice then just call or contact us.

Website Hosting Cabling to Server

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