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iPad 9.7″ 2018 (6th Gen) Review

Review, tablet
iPad 2018 6th Gen Screen
iPad 9.7″ 2018 (6th Gen) Review Summary Pros + Best value iPad + Apple Pencil compatible + 3.5mm Headphone connector + Great performance + Fingerprint sensor Cons – Screen not laminated – No anti-reflective coating – Large bezels – Dated design Our Verdict Apple’s 2018 offering once again provides an…

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Review

amazon echo, Review
Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Front View
Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Review Summary Pros + Sound quality + Mid range + Bass at lower volume + Refined appearance + Substantial weight + Audio 3.5mm output Cons – Microphone response – Light ring brightness – Sometimes needs asking twice – No Micro USB power Our Verdict Echo…

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Review

amazon echo, Review
Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen speaker grill
Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Review Summary Pros + Great price when on offer + Compact size + Solid build quality + Excellent microphone response + Light ring bright and easy to see + Audio 3.5mm output Cons – Music playback quality average – Lack of bass and sound depth…

Mobile-Friendly Website

Smartphone Friendly Website Design
Having a Mobile-Friendly website in 2019 is now more important than ever before. With mobile device users increasing steadily, more websites are now being viewed from smartphones or tablets. What does Mobile-Friendly mean Very simply it means that a website can be navigated easily using a smartphone. Things like menus,…

Apple iPad Setup & Training

Apple iPad Setup Training Maldon Essex
Now more popular than ever, the Apple iPad is an incredible device. Used by many owners more frequently than a computer. Access emails, internet and social media anywhere in the office or home. Anyone can use an Apple iPad It doesn’t matter if you are 9 years old or 90…

Remote Computer Support

Remote Computer Support Maldon Essex
Remote Computer Support is not only incredibly efficient but also convenient. Find out why so many businesses and homes already enjoy this service. Onsite vs Remote Support Remote Support is almost always more cost effective compared to a site visit. Remote is also much more convenient and flexible. For business…

Computer Backup to disk or cloud

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Cloud Computer Backup
Having a Computer Backup is often overlooked. Read more to find out if you need one or not, what options are available, and how to set them up. Do you need a computer backup? This is pretty straightforward – decide if there are documents or photos you cannot afford to…

Smart Home & Lighting

Smart Home Amazon Echo Device
Lots of talk about Smart Home devices in the last year or two. But what exactly does all this mean and do you need them in 2019! What on earth is a Smart Home A home which contains an electronic device or devices that can be controlled from either a…