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Desktop Computer Disk & Windows 10 Upgrade

Computer upgrade, Windows 10
Inspection and general cleaning When the computer arrives or is collected the very first job is to inspect and clean. This firstly involves dismantling the case allowing access to the internals. Using compressed air the entire computer is blown free of any dust which may have accumulated after several years…

Custom Desktop Computer Build

Base Machine Selection Process Based on more than 15 years experience we initially select only the very best pre-configured desktop computers as a solid base. High performance processors from the Intel i5 and i7 family, minimum 8GB RAM and usually with 3 year onsite warranty. Value for money is important…

Philips Hue Smart Lighting Review

Review, smart home, smart lights
Philips Hue Smart Lighting Review Summary Pros + Convenient + Build Quality + Out Of Home Control + Reliable + Easy to use + 2 year warranty Cons – Bulbs are expensive – Initial setup might seem complicated – Software updates slow Verdict The Philips Hue Bridge and Lighting system…

What’s New in iOS 13 for iPad & iPhone

General news, iOS, iPad, iPhone
Today View on iPad home screen The iPad now has a Today View option which adds much awaited widgets to the home screen. This means items such as weather, calendar, battery life, news and more can be shown next to the icons on your iPad home screen. Today View shown…

Enable Dark Mode on iPadOS & iOS 13

iOS, iPad, iPhone, Tutorial
Dark Mode for iPadOS and iOS 13
Step 1 – Open Settings App From the home screen on your iPad or iPhone running iOS 13 or higher select the settings App as shown in the image below. iPad Settings App icon shown on home screen Step 2 – Select Display & Brightness option After opening Settings you…

Update Apps in iPadOS & iOS 13

iOS, iPad, iPhone, Tutorial
Update Apps in iPadOS and iOS13
Step 1 – Open the Apple App Store From the home screen on your iPad or even iPhone, open the App Store using the symbol shown in image below. This applies to both iPads and iPhones running iPadOS 13 or iOS 13 or higher. iPad or iPhone App Store App…

How to Update Apps on iPhone

iPhone, Tutorial
How to update Apps on iPhone
Step 1 – Open the App Store From the home screen on your iPhone or iPad open the App Store which is shown in the image below. App Store icon on iPhone home screen Make sure the ‘Updates’ option is selected along the bottom of the screen, it is left…