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We can produce a new website design that meets the very latest standards. Maybe you simply want an existing website design updating, we can help with that to. Please see the frequently asked questions section below for more information.

Planning the Website Design

At the beginning of a website design we establish exactly what the client is looking to achieve. What style, colours, branding and content are required.

Based on experience we will advise on pages and potential layout options for the website. This is a critical phase in website development, it sets the stage, great planning results in successful project.

Importantly we also discuss and decide upon a budget for the site. Once this information is collected along with text and images we can move to the next step.

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Starting the Website Design

At this stage we begin the actual design and construction of the website. Laying out the pages, inserting the text and images. Chosen colour scheme is applied along with the styling. We also get to work on the technical side, most of which is hidden in the background.

Since 2009 mobile devices such as phones and tablets have become incredibly popular. Owners of these devices spend more time using them than ever before. In 2019 it is estimated that more than 50% of all websites in the world will be viewed from a mobile device. This is quite incredible and has risen steadily since 2009 when it was estimated at only 1%.

We ensure that all new websites are fully compatible with mobile devices.

Computer vs Mobile website viewing

  • Websites viewed from computer (%)
  • Websites viewed from mobile (%)

Making the new Website Design visible

It is very important that people can find your website whether it is new or old. Little point having a nice website design which nobody can find in Google or other search engines. We submit any new (or old) websites to Google for indexing. Using our expertise and experience we work behind the scenes on your website, changing and adding things which might not be directly on show. Often overlooked by many designers this technical aspect is critical in making any website visible to the audience.

Flexible WordPress Platform

WordPress is an excellent platform to start a new website, flexible and easy to manage. Estimated that 33% of websites in the world today use WordPress.

Experienced Website Designer

We have many years experience designing and marketing websites. Ability to advise on the best options for each individual site. Technical knowledge to ensure your website is accessible via search engines such as Google.

Mobile Device Friendly

Your website will be built up to maintain current design standards. Compatible with mobile devices and all computer web browsers.

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