Mobile-Friendly Website

Smartphone Friendly Website Design

Having a Mobile-Friendly website in 2019 is now more important than ever before. With mobile device users increasing steadily, more websites are now being viewed from smartphones or tablets.

What does Mobile-Friendly mean

Very simply it means that a website can be navigated easily using a smartphone. Things like menus, text and images should all be scaled to fit within a mobile phone screen. It shouldn’t matter whether you are using a large or small mobile phone, content should always scale correctly enabling easy viewing. You can see in the image below that the menu uses the entire screen width making it easy to select an option.

Mobile Friendly Menu Display
Smartphone showing resized menu system on modern website design

Items are scaled to display correctly

On a correctly designed modern website all items are scaled to display well on a smartphone screen. This can be anything from an image, text or even graphs and charts as shown in the photo below. Your audience should not have to zoom in to read the website but simply scroll through with ease. Making your website mobile friendly encourages users to browse and read content without struggling.

Smartphone friendly website showing bar graph
Bar graph scaled down to display correctly on a mobile device

Smartphone users get frustrated pinching to zoom

When a website is based on a desktop computer layout it will be frustrating to use on a smartphone. Users will need to zoom in and out to navigate the site and might lose their way. Websites which are optimised for mobile devices will scale all content as you can see in the image below which shows a typical blog entry. Desktop website designs will often display very small text on a mobile device, this makes it incredibly difficult to read. Menu layouts on desktop websites can also look very small, as a result users will find it hard to select the options available.

Blog Entry on Mobile Friendly Website
Blog entry scaled to fit well on a mobile device with smaller image but large text

You might already own a website and would like to know how well it works on a smartphone or other mobile device. We will be happy to assess the site and give you some experienced feedback. Google also offer a Mobile-Friendly testing tool which allows the website to be tested for compatibility.

Google and other search engines also favour website designs which are mobile-friendly, another important reason to ensure your website complies. If you have any questions about the information above then please get in touch on 01245 808898 or use the contact page.

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