Computer too old…time to upgrade?

Replace old computer Maldon

This is quite a common question and many people would like to know if their computer is too old and if it should be replaced. As a very general rule your computer will normally reach a point where it becomes frustrating to use, slow and possibly unpredictable. At this stage it is time to ask some questions:

How old is the computer?

If the answer is more than 8 years then there is a pretty good chance it is due to be renewed. Before making any final decisions it would be wise to talk with a computer professional who will offer advice. A computer which is less than 5 years old could have excellent potential for upgrading.

Samsung SSD ready for Upgrade
Samsung M2 High Speed Solid State Disk awaiting installation

What is the computers specification?

This is very important, sometimes an old computer with a good specification can still be an excellent candidate for upgrading. If the computer specification is low then there is much less chance of an upgrade being an option. Often computers will get replaced when they could give many more years service through upgrading. We always recommend higher end Intel processors as these offer a solid base for your computer and will maximise its life.

Any specific problems lately?

Again this is important to know since it can indicate an underlying hardware failure. Normally this would be a disk drive or possibly a main circuit board which was in trouble. This would require further investigation before making any decisions.

Memory Upgrade Desktop Computer Motherboard
Computer Mainboard close up of memory chip and processor

Laptop or Desktop?

Simply put, it is much easier to upgrade and repair a Desktop Computer. Laptop Computers are slightly more restricted when it comes to upgrades or repairs. If the screen or main circuit board fail in a Laptop it is generally not cost effective to repair them.


We can quickly establish whether it is worth upgrading your computer or if the time has come to think about a replacement. Contact us for more information and see if we can help.

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