Fast Laptop SSD Upgrade

Fast disk upgrade

Another successful SSD upgrade to an otherwise well specified laptop which was almost 6 years old. This laptop was purchased by its owner back in 2013 and had become incredibly slow due to an ageing Windows 10 installation with various historical upgrades. It was a very good base specification with an Intel i5 processor and 6GB RAM but the original hard disk was slow and startup was taking over 2 minutes – perfect situation for a SSD (Solid State Disk) upgrade.

After blowing out the cooling system to clear any dust and debris a high quality Samsung SSD with 5 year warranty was installed. This was followed by a clean Windows 10 installation and the users data was then transferred across from the old disk. Once various updates and software had been installed the laptop was given a final clean externally to make it look as good as new.

The laptop was then essentially as fast as a new equivalent from 2019 and our customer seemed happy with the results reporting it was “so much quicker, it’s brilliant, very pleased with it!”. After the upgrade it was starting up in around 20 seconds so more than six times faster, this is pretty standard for solid state disks assuming the computer is well specified in other areas.

Don’t write off your old laptop if it seems slow, contact us to see if we can help. We can easily recommend an upgrade based on the existing specification or a very quick inspection of the computer.

High Grade Samsung SSD Upgrade
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