Computer Security & Antivirus

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Any Windows computer should have some kind of security software installed. More modern Windows 10 computers have basic protection software built in, older computers will not.

Why does your computer need protecting

Security software such as Antivirus protects against threats which are transmitted through websites and sometimes email. It is most common for computers to pick up infections from ‘Malware’ or ‘Adware’ which get transmitted through the internet.

Microsoft Windows vs Apple OS

It is less critical for Apple computers to have virus protection but as they become more popular it is something that should be considered. Microsoft Windows 10 has built in protection, older Windows versions like 7 will require third party Antivirus protection.

How to protect my computer

As part of routine health checks we can assess the antivirus software your computers have installed. As a result, we can advise if any changes should be made which will improve security.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about security on your computer. We can visit locally in the Maldon and Chelmsford area whilst offering remote assistance to any location.

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