What’s New in iOS 13 for iPad & iPhone

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Today View on iPad home screen

The iPad now has a Today View option which adds much awaited widgets to the home screen. This means items such as weather, calendar, battery life, news and more can be shown next to the icons on your iPad home screen.

Today View shown on iPad home screen

The Today View option is found under Display & Brightness in the settings menu on your iPad.  Turning this on add the widgets to your home screen and makes the icons slightly smaller to accommodate this.

Today View settings option under Display & Brightness menu

Floating Digital Keyboard in iPadOS

The Floating Digital Keyboard is new to iPadOS and can be activated by pinching the standard size keyboard. Once enabled it can be moved around the screen using the symbol below the space bar key.

Floating Keyboard in iPadOS

When the Floating Keyboard is activated there is also the option to use swipe to type! Swipe your finger or Apple Pencil between the letters to spell a word, this is really meant for one handed use.

This feature has also been enabled on the default keyboard on iPhone for versions of iOS above 13

Swipe to Type on iPadOS and also iOS 13

Dark Mode for iPad and iPhone

Dark mode is now available for both iPad and iPhone users who have updated to iOS 13 and above.

On default apps the background will change from white to black/grey making it both easier on the eyes and also reducing battery drain on iPhones which use oled screens.

Select dark mode on iPadOS

Dark Mode enabled on iOS 13

New Wallpaper Available

There are a selection of four new still wallpapers available in iOS 13, these are setup to change automatically when you have dark mode setup. During the day they are light and after sunset they become a darker shade.

iOS 13 New Wallpaper

Memoji Stickers!

All new to iOS 13 are Memoji Stickers, choose from preset characters based on animals, robots and more or customise your own Memoji.

Custom build your Memoji, pick from hair, eyebrows, nose, head wear and much more to create a unique Memoji Sticker that looks just like you.

Memoji Stickers are new to iOS 13

Screen Shot in iPadOS

Owners of an Apple Pencil can now take full page screen shots easily by swiping upwards from the bottom left corner of the screen.

After swiping up from the bottom left corner of your screen the markup box will appear below the screen shot. You can quickly add some notes with your Apple Pencil and save or send the image.

Take Full Page Screen Shots in iPadOS 

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