Enable Dark Mode on iPadOS & iOS 13

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Dark Mode for iPadOS and iOS 13

Step 1 – Open Settings App

From the home screen on your iPad or iPhone running iOS 13 or higher select the settings App as shown in the image below.

Select Settings from main screen on iPad

iPad Settings App icon shown on home screen

Step 2 – Select Display & Brightness option

After opening Settings you can scroll down on the left hand menu and select the Display & Brightness setting, as shown in the image below.

Display and Brightness setting iPad

Display & Brightness option in iPad  menu

Step 3 – Select Dark Mode

After selecting Display & Brightness you will see the option for dark mode on the right hand side near the top. To simply turn on dark mode continuously you can select this option, shown in the example below.

Select dark mode on iPadOS

Enable Dark Mode shown in  iPad settings

If you would like to schedule Dark Mode then select the Automatic option shown in the example below. By default this is set to enable Dark Mode at sunset but it can be custom scheduled, read on for more information.

Enable Dark Mode automatic schedule

If you would like to set a custom schedule you can select that under the Options setting and pick a start and finish time of your choice instead if the default Sunset option. See image below.

Enable Dark Mode custom schedule 

Step 4 – See how Dark Mode looks

Once you have selected the Dark Mode options, return to the home screen and see how Apps look with the darker theme.

Email App in Dark Mode on iPad

News App shown in dark mode on iPad

if you have any questions about this guide then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are always happy to help.

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