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Cloud Computer Backup

Having a Computer Backup is often overlooked. Read more to find out if you need one or not, what options are available, and how to set them up.

Do you need a computer backup?

This is pretty straightforward – decide if there are documents or photos you cannot afford to lose. If this is the case then you do need a backup of some kind.

Backup choices

There are two main types of backup, local disk or cloud. With a local backup the data is sent to either an internal or external hard disk – this can be scheduled weekly or run manually when required.

Cloud backup stores data offsite at another location, this is either scheduled or run manually. The term ‘Cloud’ simply means the data is stored on a computer at another location, normally secured and often encrypted.

What do I need

For local backup you firstly need to either own or purchase a disk which has free space to store data. Then some software needs to be installed which will backup the documents, photos and so on. Windows 7 and 10 both include backup software, Apple computers also include software called Time Machine. If you need assistance with your backup then please call, we will be happy to help.

Cloud Backup requires software to be installed, popular choices include Acronis and Carbonite. You can also use Cloud Storage solutions such as OneDrive and Dropbox, they synchronise documents and in turn mean data is stored both locally and in the cloud.

Configuring your backup

After deciding on either local or cloud backup it will need to be setup and configured. Windows 7 and 10 backup system is configured via Control Panel – selecting a backup disk is required for this process.

Cloud backup requires software to be downloaded and installed, in turn this is configured and selected files are added to a backup selection.

We can help configure both local and cloud based backup systems. Get in touch even if you simply need some advice on any options in this article.

What happens now

Once the local or cloud backup is configured you can relax, safe in the knowledge that all important files are being copied to another location. In the unfortunate event of either a disk failure or accidental file deletion it will be easy to recover the information.

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