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Lots of talk about Smart Home devices in the last year or two. But what exactly does all this mean and do you need them in 2019!

What on earth is a Smart Home

A home which contains an electronic device or devices that can be controlled from either a mobile phone or by voice. This could be a Smart Speaker like Amazon Echo or Smart Lights like Philips Hue. Smart Thermostats are also popular and can be convenient for home owners.

Smart Home devices just a gimmick?

This is true for some features that will be used until the novelty wears off. There are also many useful things that Smart devices can do. Being able to turn on the heating when you leave work so the house is warm for example. Philips Hue bulbs can be set to come on as the sun sets which is extremely useful. It is also possible to link lights and rooms to come on together which is convenient.

Philips Hue Light Bulb
Philips Hue Single Light Bulb

Are Smart Devices expensive

Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo start from £29 when on sale. Philips Hue Smart bulbs are now less than £10 in some cases – starter kits are £75 and additional bulbs can be added. Smart Thermostats cost between £130-200 depending on the brand.

Shows Echo Dot Box
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Where do I start with Smart Devices

The Philips Hue lighting kits are a great place to start, they can be expanded easily. Amazon Echo devices can combine with Hue Bulbs to enable voice control features. Smart Thermostats are something to plan for, these can require professional installation. We have lots of experience in this field and as always are happy to assist with Smart Device supply and installation, give us a call anytime.

Amazon Echo Dot – mute light ring glowing red
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