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Computer Health Check Maldon Essex

Often overlooked, it is beneficial for you computer to have a regular check and clean. Basic and quick health checks can reveal major underlying problems before they cause any real inconvenience or data loss. A general clean can also considerably improve performance of your computer, this should not be underestimated.

Most people are unaware that after several years use their computer can become slow for a number of reasons. Computers regularly receive both security and feature updates, these can be weekly or monthly and are released as required by Microsoft and Apple. Some of these updates are quite substantial and over time they can have a negative effect on the speed of your computer.

We frequently carry out such computer check ups for our customers both remotely and onsite. Normally these take around 30 minutes, if problems are found they can take longer and we will advise accordingly. If your business or home is based in Maldon, Chelmsford or surrounding areas we can arrange a site visit. Remote health checks can be completed on any computer regardless of location.

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