Custom built desktop computers with SSD disks

Recently the cost of a custom built computer with solid state hard disk has fallen. It is now possible to supply these computers with high grade solid state disks featuring a 10 year warranty. The performance increase is around four to six times that of  a standard disk in the same equivalent new computer. Incredible upgrade when compared to a mechanical disk and once you experience the difference it is very difficult to go back!

What is a custom built computer?

A computer built from the ground up using high specification parts. It can also be modified from it’s factory specification to further improve performance. Most commonly disk and memory upgrades are added to factory specified computers which in turn boosts performance.

Are they expensive?

A fully custom built computer is inherently expensive compared to an off the shelf model. Full custom builds are recommended for specific uses like video or photo editing.

Upgrading components in off the shelf computers is popular and cost effective – these can be referred to as semi-custom. This type of computer offers excellent performance and has an extended usable life.

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