Custom Desktop Computer Build

Base Machine Selection Process

Based on more than 15 years experience we initially select only the very best pre-configured desktop computers as a solid base. High performance processors from the Intel i5 and i7 family, minimum 8GB RAM and usually with 3 year onsite warranty.

Value for money is important at any price point and as such we will specify up to what is considered saturation point. This is the point at which no amount of money will make any noticeable difference to performance for daily use. We don’t believe in wasting our clients money and always source stock at the best possible price.

Intel i5 and Windows Pro branding

Headline specifications are one thing, but beauty is more than just skin deep. We call on experience again to cherry pick models which are known to run quiet, if we aren’t 100% happy then fans will be upgraded until they meet our standards.

Internal build quality and expansion is also a factor, being able to add a secondary internal backup disk is very useful and not always possible. We ensure only models that allow this are supplied, useful for those weekly automated backups.

Inside the desktop computer, room for expansion.

Highest Quality Solid State Disks available

In 2019 it is becoming more common for manufacturers to supply computers with solid state disks. The brands they use vary and are rarely the highest grade available. We like to strive for perfection and for this reason supply all our custom computers with Samsung M2 Solid State disks, either Plus or Pro models, both with minimum 5 year warranty.

The Samsung disks we use are installed using quality brackets if required. In many cases we also fit a secondary mechanical hard drive which is used for an automated weekly backup. Secondary hard drives can also be used for additional storage if required.

Samsung Solid State Disk fitted to custom bracket

Windows 10 Professional installation

Windows always comes pre-installed on your new computer, if you purchase from a high street retailer this will be Windows 10 Home Edition. Quite often it will not be the latest release of Windows 10 and will require significant updates straight out the box.

Not satisfied with this we carry out a clean installation of the very latest Windows 10 Professional release. There are two main benefits to this, firstly you don’t need any major updates straight out of the box. Secondly, you have the fastest Windows possible without any pre-installed software. Manufacturers have a bad habit of installing lots of software which nobody needs, they do this because these companies compensate them financially!

Front USB 3.1 connectors and SD Card slot

Why do we use Windows 10 Professional, well, simply put it is better than the Home Edition. Another benefit of a clean Windows installation is more available disk space, this means you can use more of your new Samsung disk instead of it being wasted.

Additional software and performance gains

Remember the value for money comment at the start, that theme continues to the end of this process. We always install the latest version of Adobe Reader DC since this tends to be more reliable than the built in software. Microsoft have a habit of defaulting to power saving rather than performance, we rectify this so you get the best out of your new computer.

Once the build is completed we perform some stress tests which guarantee to highlight even the smallest problem with any hardware components. This isn’t really necessary these days but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Mainboard (motherboard) of desktop computer

Additional RAM can also be installed, anything from 8GB right up to 16GB, the latter is really only required for those editing large photos or videos. Some people just like to have a high specification and that is fine by us.

Although the standard on-board graphics by Intel are very powerful there are times when a graphics card is required. We can accommodate these to any specification.

Mainboard RAM modules

Connectivity and external devices

Connectivity is an important consideration. All computers we supply feature the very latest Digital DisplayPort monitor connections. Also the latest USB 3.1 Standard and if required USB-C 3.1. The usual audio connections and gigabit Ethernet will also be present.

DisplayPort and USB 3.1 connections

More Information

If you have any questions about this article then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are always happy to help.

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