Remote Computer Support & Website Design across the UK

Welcome to the And IT Consulting website, IT (pronounced 'eye-tee') standing for information technology which in English means computers or computer networks. Providing experienced professional advice and solutions for both business and home computing - if any of the items listed below apply to your business or home then please do get in touch:

- Slow laptop or computer
- Suspected infection from virus or similar
- Old computer which needs upgrading or replacing
- New computer, laptop, tablet/iPad which requires setup
- Require new or additional network infrastructure
- Old website which requires updating/modernising
- New website design required
- Promotion or search engine optimisation (SEO) of existing website
- Require general information or advice

This is a small selection of the most common situations which arise, many more are catered for and if you have any questions or require advice then please call 01245 808898 for further information.

Many businesses and homes operate on busy timetables which is one of the many reasons to use remote support services, this means that no site visit is required and often the work can be completed during evenings or weekends when it may be more convenient, resulting in less downtime during business hours. Remote access also allows for greater geographical coverage and reduced costs due to the removal of travel time - existing client base spans from Cornwall all the way to Scotland.

The vast majority of existing customers are acquired through recommendations, combine this with a professional yet down to earth approach and you can feel confident in the services being offered. Feel free to call anytime on 01245 808898 to discuss your requirements in more detail.